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The Arnoldo Palmer started out as a delicious cocktail created by The Local Drive (indoor golf and cocktail lounge) and ultimately became a three-way collaborative golf polo. The cocktail is made using Branch & Barrel Honey Bourbon, Lemon Ginger Tea, Ginger Liqueur, Lemonade & Piment d’Espelette (Chile Liqueur). The Arnoldo Palmer is deceptively simple to make, but has an endlessly complicated flavor explosion for the perfect summertime cocktail! The Arnoldo Palmer cocktail offers the refreshing, iconic iced tea/lemonade taste we all know and love, but with a bold, spicy ginger twist.

The Spirit – Our Contribution

Our Honey Barrel Aged Bourbon has evolved into a statewide collaboration with various bee farms producing high quality Colorado honey. The honey is introduced into maturing barrels of Flagship Bourbon, and allowed to marry naturally over time. Once the desired flavor saturation is achieved, the whiskey is coarsely filtered and bottled, allowing for continued infusion beyond the barrel. Expect everything you know and love about our Flagship Bourbon, plus added layers of light sweetness and nuanced flavors of honeycomb and florals. It’s simply amazing.

Introducing ParHopper

ParHopper is a golf apparel brand who strives to strike the perfect balance between style, performance and aesthetics, ensuring that golfers can move freely and feel more comfortable without compromising their swing. Breathable fabrics, moisture management technology, colorful, vibrant and ergonomic designs are performance features in their golf apparel. This promotes enhanced style, flexibility and comfort for a better overall experience on the links. Their innovative design and vibrant polo personalities cumulate to form truly exclusive and non-traditional golf attire. ParHopper loves doing collaborative polos, and we are proud to be a part of their product lineage.

The Pattern – Three Collaborating Brands

This honey-yellow colored polo seems to light up a room like the rising sun! With a collage of honey bees, lemons, tea bags, ginger roots and chili peppers, along with an iconic colored golf bag, this polo screams golf, cocktails and summertime fun on the links! The addition of the Branch and Barrel whiskey bottle and The Local Drive’s golf ball logo complete the look and firmly represent the collaborating brands.

Limited Availability – Grab Yours Today!

This release is a very popular polo with limited quantities produced and very few remain. They are, for the most part, sold out, but Branch & Barrel still has a few remaining in various sizes, so drop by our tasting room for drinks and grab one! 

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