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Colorado’s finest straight bourbon whiskey. This authentically local craft spirit is made using a high corn mash, supplemented with a healthy amount of barley, with the former coming from our dairy co-op partners in Wiggins and the latter from our friends at Proximity Malt in Monte Vista. The water we distill with comes from our own high-quality, mineral-rich wells on the Colorado plains. Our cooperage uses a #3 Char and Medium Toast on our barrels, creating a beautiful backbone of caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, and toasted oak flavors in the finished whiskey. With a minor amount of small batch variation, expect additional notes and aromas of candied orange peel, black cherry, baking spices, chocolate, green apple, and sandalwood. At 92 proof, our Flagship Bourbon has a satisfying body and remarkably smooth character, guaranteed to please from the first sip to the last. We are proud to say that this whiskey has taken home multiple gold medals in International Spirits Competitions!


Originally a project with Bee Squared Apiary, our Honey Barrel Aged Bourbon has evolved into a statewide collaboration with various bee farms producing high quality Colorado honey. Said honey is introduced into maturing barrels of Flagship Bourbon, and allowed to marry naturally over time. Once the desired flavor saturation is achieved, the whiskey is coarsely filtered and bottled, allowing for continued infusion beyond the barrel. Expect everything you know and love about our Flagship Bourbon, plus added layers of light sweetness and nuanced flavors of honeycomb and florals. Our Honey Barrel Aged Bourbon is full strength at around 90 proof, and does not see the addition of any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colorings. Experience Honey Whiskey done the Colorado Craft way!


Cafe Miel, French for “Coffee with Honey,” sees a further evolution of our beloved Honey Barrel Aged Bourbon. For this eccentric expression, we partner with our friends at Bluegrass Coffee Co., who provide us with fresh, delicious roasted espresso beans. These beans are introduced to nearly-finished barrels of Honey Bourbon and allowed to cold-steep for about a day. This short infusion is just enough time to impart the best aspects of the coffee without the bitterness, adding rich layers of robust espresso, milk chocolate, and hazelnuts to the spirit. Similarly to our other releases, we do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colorings in our Cafe Miel. Try this amazing full-proof Coffee Whiskey as a standalone sipper, in an Espresso Martini, Coffee Old Fashioned, or Espresso Boulevardier! You won’t be disappointed.


What happens when you take 100 proof bourbon and age it in a barrel that previously held cinnamon whiskey, vanilla bean extract, and maple syrup? Something truly magical. Continuing our commitment to keeping our spirits full strength and free of artificial sweeteners or flavorings, Branch & Barrel 3-Way exists in a league of its own in the “cinnamon whiskey”  game. We highly recommend trying this cinnamon/vanilla/maple masterpiece chilled on a rock, or in an Old Fashioned, cream cocktail, or Whiskey Sour. It’s also a fantastic inclusion in desserts or barbecue sauces!


Many moons ago, Branch & Barrel Distilling began its journey as a humble at-home hobby project. During those days, our first whiskey experiments were aged in mason jars on various charred woods from our owners’ yards. Before finally breaking into the bourbon game, our proudest creation was new make aged on flame-kissed Colorado plumwood branches. Over the years B&B Plumwood Whiskey, now made in our distillery, has accrued a cult following of spirit fans who enjoy a walk on the wilder side. Robust and eclectic, this spirit features notes of dried dark tree fruits, damp forest floor, smoky tobacco, antique store, and dried herbs. Enjoy this classic piece of Branch & Barrel history in a Gold Rush, Manhattan riff, or your favorite Punch recipe.


There’s a new 4 Grain in town… and it won’t be around for long! Our limited winter seasonal release features a mashbill of Corn, Malted Barley, Malted Rye, and Unmalted Wheat. With their powers combined, these quality Colorado-sourced grains create one of the smoothest and most enjoyable whiskey experiences we’ve encountered. Prepare your palate for flavors of caramel, honeysuckle, milk chocolate, hazelnut, sandalwood, vanilla buttercream, allspice, and eucalyptus, to name a few. To experience it in all of its glory, we recommend enjoying B&B 4 Grain over a large ice cube, neat, with a drop of water, or in an Old Fashioned with walnut bitters.


Continuing the evolution of our bourbon and whiskey offerings, Branch & Barrel proudly presents our limited release 4 Year Wheated Bourbon. Take everything you know and love about our Flagship – the smoothness, the fullness, the rich creme brulee flavors – and kick things up a notch with additional notes of soft red berries, honey, white pepper, milk chocolate, and cashews. A three barrel release might sound like a lot, but if you like this one as much as we do, it might not hurt to stock up. Otherwise we may just drink it all ourselves…


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