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Since our start, from grain to bottle, Branch & Barrel has been a wholly Colorado project. It starts with local grains; we work with a dairy farm group in Wiggins for our Corn, and with Proximity Farms in Monte Vista for our barley, wheat, and rye. These quality grains not only make for fantastic whiskey, but help to support the amazing farmers who produce for the Colorado distilling industry.


Beyond the grains, water is the next most impactful contributor to the final flavor and quality of a whiskey. Branch & Barrel is lucky enough to have access to our own system of wells out on the plains that are fed by the Arapahoe aquifer. This underground water source is nourished by Rocky Mountain snow melt, and we even went so far as to obtain special permission to drill deeper into the earth to pull the freshest, most mineral-rich water possible. This water has the added benefit of being iron-free, and is a huge part of why our finished spirits have such a clean, crisp character.


One of the many things that makes our distillery unique is our sourcing of scrap material from other operations around the country to fabricate our equipment. This not only saves us cost, but also prevents large quantities of metal waste from going to landfills. A couple of examples: our heads/tails tank came from a soda company and previously held carbonated water. Our fermenters used to be condiment containers at a commercial food manufacturer. We also fashioned our own proprietary doubler using an ex-brewery fermenter. These things were modified and retrofitted in house, by our own team, for use in our unique production distillation system.
In addition to handcrafted equipment, Branch & Barrel can truly say that our spirits are made in the same way. We utilize near-zero automation in our distillery, meaning that human hands touch and control 99% of the process. From milling grains to emptying fermenters to filling barrels, our team does it all by hand. We also do all of our bottling this way, often supplemented by an ever-growing team of amazing volunteers.


Some of the most frequent praises our whiskies get is that they are exceptionally smooth, full-flavored, and easy-drinking. This is always lovely to hear, because just about every step of our distillation, aging, and bottling is intended to ensure this result. We utilize an innovative style of mash cooking, a novel slow distillation process, and a proprietary hybrid spirit safe system that allows our head distiller unparalleled human control over our cuts. Our rackhouse features special climate control tech designed to offset Colorado’s dry environment, allowing us to minimize Angel Share and maximize oak interaction. When we bottle our Bourbon, we opt for quality over quantity, keeping our proof at 92 to avoid chill-filtration and better preserve flavors and texture. If you want to learn more about all of this, be sure to check out our Tours page to book your Tour and Tasting Experience!