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SB7 is… you guessed it… the seventh iteration of Branch & Barrel’s single barrel bourbon series. These premium selections are chosen for their outstanding individual character, and bypass any proofing or blending, going straight from barrel to bottle. Affectionately known as our “Caramel Turtle Barrel,” this particular bourbon expression maintains supreme drinkability at 51% ABV as it presents notes of peach, vanilla custard, caramel cream, chocolate, honeyed pecans, dark cherries, and nougat. Decidedly decadent, it’s difficult to make an argument for enjoying this any other way than neat or with a drop or two of water. If you love this bottle as much as we do, we recommend stocking up – once it’s gone it’s gone for good!


During our selection process for our last 4 Grain blend, we found a barrel that was just too damn good not to showcase on its own. The second pick in this series, 4G SB #2 is a beautiful followup to the first, which was widely regarded as one of our best releases to date. This time around, the spotlight shines on a diverse cast of flavors, including plum, apricot, carob, walnut, buttercream, and smoked caramel. If you’re a fan of the 4 Grain genre, this cask strength edition makes a lovely addition to your VIP shelf.


VS1 is Branch & Barrel’s first ever wine barrel finished release, made in collaboration with our friends at The Wine Group in Parker, CO. They aged a French Marselan blend (Cab Sauv x Grenache) followed by a Chilean Cab Sauv in one of our Bourbon barrels, then emptied and returned that barrel to us. We put a 4 Year Bourbon in, and allowed it to age for an additional 6 months, marrying naturally with any remaining wine in the barrel and extracting the flavor soaked into the staves. The influence from the red wines adds beautiful layers of red berries, red plum, black pepper, dark chocolate, and red/purple grapes atop our Flagship Bourbon’s creme brulee character. This special single barrel release is every bit as decadent and delicious as it sounds!


This is the second installment in our quest to bring you the most delicious of Colorado honey-infused whiskies. A departure from our usual Wildflower Honey recipe, we decided to give Orange Blossom a try – and we’re thrilled with the result. Still 90 proof 3 Year bourbon at its core, this spirit maintains a delightful heat and body that complements the nuanced flavor of the infused honey. While tasting this whiskey, we discovered flavors of orange marmalade, white florals, licorice, and nutmeg. If you’re a fan of our core Honey release, this limited release bottle will make an excellent addition to your collection.


Upon seeing the great reception of our first clear spirit, Las Lagrimas, we decided to follow it up with another B&B spin on a classic style: Jamaican Pot Still Rum. Honoring the tradition that makes this spirit so unique, we created our own in-house dunder using a collection of carefully chosen ingredients such as pineapple, banana, and Madagascar vanilla bean pods. We also filtered our ferment through a network of several different types of wood chips, further enhancing the texture and flavor complexity. Right off the still, we knew Atocha was going to be special. Vibrant aromas of banana, vanilla custard, pineapple upside down cake, dates, and spices permeated the distillery air, and you’ll find the same experience in each and every bottle. Try this fruity, funky rum in your favorite Tiki drink, or try inventing something new! We may not make this recipe again, but it’ll be sure to delight as long as it’s around.


Fire Pepper was one of Branch & Barrel’s first barrel aging adventures; a perfect demonstration of our early fascination with novel and innovative whiskey aging experiments. This particular project is a blend of 5 Year Whiskies finished in barrels that previously held emulsified hot red peppers and cayenne peppers, respectively. For those that like it hot, this one won’t disappoint. Beyond flavors of caramelized red pepper, vanilla, cayenne, white peppercorn, salted butter, and herbs, expect a respectable level of heat, perfect for spicy Old Fashioneds, Bloody Marys, or any cocktail that needs a little extra kick.


This release takes our Peas, Please Spirit a step further! It was aged for 3 years and 8 months in New American White Oak barrels, the last 2 years of that time held hand crushed peppercorns from the White, Pink and Green varieties. Our Peas, Please Spirit is based on our flagship mashbill, but we replaced a portion of our corn with Colorado farm grown Field Peas. This particular release was bottled at a whopping 109 proof (54.5% abv) giving you a rich and dense mouth feel with explosive levels of flavor! Some of our tasting notes include Szechuan Pepper, Green Peppercorn, Salted Caramel, Pie Crust, White Nectarine, Ginger, Mushroom and Mulch. This is one of those limited releases that simply must be tasted, we assure you that you have never quite had anything like it! Spicy, Earthy, a hint of Sweetness, and a whole bushel of creativity might just make this a new favorite.


Brewers Select is the sister line to our Vintner’s Select series of products, taking barrels of locally made beer and using them to create delicious and unique Whiskies! We couldn’t have asked for a stronger first release to this series than BS1. For this project we partnered with Peak View Brewing (Now Downhill Brewing) right here in Centennial, we offered them 3 of our 3Way Bourbon Barrels so that they could age their famous Imperial Peanut Butter Porter in them. This created their Pachamama release in 2023, which has been highly regarded for its robust flavor and smooth taste. We brought those barrels back to the distillery and wasted no time filling them with hand selected barrels of our Flagship Bourbon, specifically chosen to pair with these incredibly flavorful barrels. After waiting 17 long months the Bourbon was ready to come out of the barrel and into your hands! Bottled at 100 proof (50% abv) you can find subtle flavors of Toasted Coconut, Maple Nut, Toffee, Vanilla custard, Coffee, Milk Chocolate, Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter, Sandalwood and Overripe Orange Zest. At 4 years old this release is incredibly soft drinking and continues to evolve and open just sitting in your glass. We are incredibly proud to be able to share this new release with you and are certain that you will know why after just the first sip.