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We sat down with our Distillery Director, Mitchell Nester to take a deep dive on Vintners Select #1. See what he had to say about this very unique bottle!

What inspired the creation of this bottle?

The Vintner’s Select series of Bourbon was created with the idea of bringing together local craft Bourbon and Wine to create something truly special. Vintner’s Select #1 Brings together a delicious blend of wines from The Wine Barrel in Parker and our Award winning Flagship Bourbon. The Wine Barrel aged a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon in one of our freshly emptied Bourbon barrels, we then took the barrel back after the wine had fully matured and bottled, finally we placed Flagship Bourbon in that barrel to create the bold and decadent Vintner’s Select #1.

What’s the age statement, proof and mashbill?

This release saw a barrel of our 4 year Flagship Bourbon aged for an additional 6 months in the recently emptied barrel from The Wine Barrel to give it a deep and rich finish. We bottled this release at 50% abv (100 pf) to ensure that all of the texture and flavor was preserved after bottling. If you like your Bourbon a little softer we highly recommend adding a nice big ice cube or a splash of water to this release, it really brings out the red berries and vanilla notes in this Bourbon! Being that this particular release was based on our Flagship Bourbon the mashbill is our unique and traditional mix of 80% corn and 20% malted barley, all harvested locally of course!

What notes should we look for on the nose?

On the nose you get a beautiful bouquet of red berries, followed quickly by a soft chewy caramel. Underneath these prominent notes lies a hint of fresh spearmint, semi-dark chocolate, brown sugar pecans, and butter cookies.

What notes do you get on the palate?

When you go in to take a sip you are immediately greeted with those Grenache notes, soft strawberry, raspberry and dark plum. Next there is a wave of dark chocolate, mint, cassis, and red currants from the Cabernet. Finally that wave settles into creme brulee, candied pecan, vanilla bean custard and a nice kiss of charred oak.

Can you tell us how this spirit finishes?

As you sit and contemplate your sip you are left with a delicate coating of the mouth that gives soft raspberry chocolate scone, red grape, and toasted almonds.

What makes this bottle special?

Vintner’s Select #1 is a single barrel release, meaning that this particular profile will only be available as long as bottles last. I believe that this first release in the series is something truly special and is a must try bottle.

What cocktail would you recommend with this spirit?

At home I like to use this bottle to make an after-dinner Manhattan. 2 oz of Vintner’s Select #1, 1 oz of sweet vermouth (I recommend Antica Formula), 4 dashes chocolate bitters. Stir together in a glass with ice and strain into a coupe or martini glass, garnish with a high quality cocktail cherry and a fresh sprig of mint.

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